Leadership speech

    After I got my Ph.D. in Chinese history at the University of California, Los Angeles, I came back to Korea to teach Chinese history and wrote  A Country that Has No Chinatown,  which explains the 120 years of ethnic Chinese history in Korea. In 1997, along with leaders in the ethnic Chinese community I established the Seoul Chinatown Development Committee to build world’s first modern Chinatown in Korea. Since then, I have engaged in real estate development in China and other Asian countries. 
   The Chinese real estate industry benefited from the rapid growth of Chinese economy. Now that the speed of its economic growth recently slowed down, the Chinese government has began paying more attention to the development of it’s “software.”  In this context, I believe that there will be a huge potential in the health, beauty and consumption industries in China; to be sure, these industries will benefit from China’s population advantage and the Chinese government’s consumption policies. 
   I dedicated my life to making the world a better place to live; our Dongmei Investment will do just that by focusing on the investment in the health, beauty and consumption industries. Through Dongmei Investment, I will thus make upmost efforts to contribute to the development of  Eastern beauty, in general, the globalization of the Chinese beauty industry, in particular.